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Meet Dr. W. Kevin Davis

{PJ} Chiropractor Dr W Kevin Davis

The Basketball Dream

A sports enthusiast who followed a basketball dream through high school in the Philadelphia area, into college at Lafayette, playing for former Los Angeles Lakers coach Butch van Bredda Kolf.  Dr. Davis attended rookie and free agent 76er’s training camp, along with Charles Barkley to finish a career traveling the world with the Washington Generals.

A chiropractor saved my career

Troubled by back problems from a fractured spine since junior high, Dr. Kevin was facing a one way ticket home while playing with the Generals due to a back injury. This is when he met a chiropractor while on the road in Phoenix, who not only saved his job but restored hope for a normal and active life.

“It was the first and only doctor that was ever able to relieve me of debilitating pain and keep me on the court.”

Inspired by chiropractic

Tremendously impacted by chiropractic’s benefits, Dr. Kevin enrolled in Los Angeles College of Chiropractic after his competitive playing days concluded, with the vision of helping others achieve healthier, happier, more productive lives.

He has been team doctor for the professional basketball team, San Jose Skyrockets and several high school sports teams while running a private sports and family wellness practice. Dr. Kevin utilizes several gentle techniques depending on the patient, their goals and condition to achieve maximum results. As a result of treating many athletes, he is highly respected in spinal adjusting especially low back and shoulder injuries. In his practice all walks of life may be seen from professional and amateur athletes, weekend warriors to families and individuals seeking better health and wellness.

Boise : The Perfect Fit

As outdoor enthusiasts, Boise seemed to be a perfect fit for Dr. Kevin and his wife, Julie’s, lifestyles. Dr. Kevin understands the direct correlation of a healthy lifestyle and a more enjoyable life. Regularly applying the five factors of health: exercise, proper rest, good nutrition, positive mental outlook and most importantly Chiropractic care to restore nerve function, this can be attained.

“With chiropractic care I have an optimal functioning nervous system which makes the other four factors more potent and effective, allowing me to enjoy every day as much as possible. I get adjusted once a week whether I hurt or not, because I just function better. I simply want to help my patients have a better quality of life and achieve their goals.”

Through office educational workshops, health fairs, corporate health lectures and screenings, Dr. Kevin continually interacts with the community.

Dr. Kevin loves to be outdoors especially mountain biking, skiing, swimming or doing triathlons. He still has a passion for basketball and feeds that by coaching youth and high school teams while running training and developmental clinics along with summer camps. In his off time he can be found on the trails, slopes or in the lakes of Boise, Donnelly or McCall enjoying time with Julie and their dog, Harley.

If you wish for Dr. Kevin to speak to your office, business, school, social group or club, please call the office for more information.

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