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Northside Chiropractic Offers Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, and Relaxation Massage

Myofascial Release -or- massage therapy is a hands-on, whole-body approach for the evaluation and treatment of pain and the restoration of motion. This involves muscles and the connective tissue (fascia) that holds your entire body together.

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Think of your fascia as a body suit that connects all your tissues together.

Your Body’s Body Suit

Think of fascia is a densely woven fabric, like a sweater, that connects all your organs, muscles and tissues. Even your heart, blood vessels, lungs and spinal cord. Fascia “holds you together.” Since it covers you from head to toe, think of it as a body suit that you live in.

When you’re healthy, the fascia is relaxed. Like our clothing, it has the ability to stretch and move without restriction. But that changes when we experience physical trauma, scarring or inflammation. Then, the fascia loses its pliability. It can become tight, restricted and a source of tension, reduced motion and even producing pain.

What You Can Expect With Massage Therapy

First, one of our massage therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation, looking at your posture, your ability to turn, bend and move. We’ll identify specific movements that produce increased pain or discomfort.

Then, we’ll use hands to locate the tender areas. Gently stretching the fascia and involved muscles causes them to release. This is not a massage! You’ll have some homework: drinking more water. By drinking more than your usual water intake, you’ll help flush out toxins that have built up and reduce soreness.

Your New Normal After Massage Therapy

Progress is rarely a straight line. Expect some ups and downs as your body learns it can abandon its defensive posture. As your body heals, your brain will eventually recognize your new posture and muscle tone as normal. With time, expect better movement, more strength, flexibility, improved posture and greater vitality.


  • 60 minutes $70
  • Special Package Deal: 3 – 1 hour massages for $190

Massage Therapists Available Monday through Friday 9:00am – 7:00pm!

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