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Weight Loss Coaching

Northside Chiropractic Weight Loss Coaching Is A Success

Keep with your New Year’s Resolution with results this year! Our Wellness Team will help you get motivated, educated, and inspired! You will receive individual coaching with each of our wellness professionals:Nutritionist: will instruct you on what your dietary requirements are and help you with a customized, personal meal plan. ($90 value)

Chiropractor: a comprehensive wellness exam ……($75 value)

Massage Therapist: will give you a 15 minute chair massage and teach you stress relieving techniques you can do yourself. ($45)

Wellness Coach: will help you identify and overcome common barriers to successful weight loss. You will leave with an attainable plan to safely lose weight and keep it off. ($75 value)

Life Coach: The Biggest Loser’s Mandy Kramer will inspire you and share tips she has learned from the Biggest Loser campus! (Priceless!)

Plan on spending three hours that will change your life and keep you on track with your wellness and weight loss goals! At the end of the clinic you will also take home a bottle of the most effective, all natural weight loss product on the market (valued $65) which will help jump start your results. This package normally sells for $350 through our Wellness and Weight Loss Clinic.

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Elizabeth Durrell

Like most people, Elizabeth has gained and lost weight for most of her life. Her desire to be a positive example of healthy, active living to her four children motivated her to begin her personal journey toward wellness nearly eleven years ago. Elizabeth currently holds four certifications in personal training, is an experienced nutritionist, and an NGA figure competitor.

Through her positive encouragement and ability to focus on patients as individuals, Elizabeth is able to motivate, educate, and build confidence in each weight loss patient at Eagle Health and Wellness. Elizabeth has a passion for helping patients achieve their weight loss goals, and empowering them through hard work and dedication to attain healthy, happy lifestyles.

Jennifer Loranger

Over the last two decades I have focused on pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle. I am passionate about helping educate others about fitness, nutrition, and the emotional side of health and wellness. As a wellness coach, I focus on helping people change behaviors that cause over-eating and unhealthy lifestyles. I believe that anyone, at any age can be fit and healthy with the right tools and motivation. I especially enjoy watching people blossom and gain self confidence as they begin on their journey losing weight.

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